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This video describes shoulder joint differential diagnosis, physiotherapy examination of shoulder joint according to pain and chief complains. difference between tendinitis, tendinopathy, tendinosis, paratenonitis. biceps tendinitis, Rotator cuff tendinitis, Rotator cuff tear, shoulder impingement types and its stages, differential diagnosis of Rotator cuff tear ans shoulder impingement. subacromial bursitis, differential diagnosis of tendinitis and bursitis . TOS and type of TOS, difference of vascular and neural TOS, differential diagnosis of TOS and pronator Teres syndrome. scapular dyskinesia, special test for dyskinesia and sick scapula, Laberal tear : SLAP lesion, Bankart's tear , Hill-sach's tear.shoulder instability: anterior, posterior and inferior instability . Adhesive capsulitis, AC sprain and fracture of shoulder joint.

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