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The 'Must Follow' Twitter Accounts for Physiotherapists

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Recently we created a Whatsapp group for physiotherapists which has proven a useful learning and knowledge sharing resource for members. One of the things that I came across regularly was how twitter is being used for knowledge sharing and there are some Twitter feeds that come up regularly in discussions about pain education and physiotherapy.

So l felt it would be useful to compile a list of twitter profiles who tweet excellent content related to physiotherapy and pain science. These are not necessarily the biggest influencers or high profile researchers, but importantly these are the ones who share content physiotherapists might find useful. These are also not arranged in any particular order. The list was initially complied by group member Ashish Gupta (PT) and was further enhanced through collaborative efforts of other group members.


  1. @RogerKerry1 - Roger Kerry tweets about physiotherapy and philosophy. Must admit sometimes it takes multiple readings to understand his concepts, but one of the forward thinking physios.
  2. @paulawood5 - Paul Deacon is a clinical lead and ESP. Tweets about MSK physio.
  3. @jasonsilvernail - Jason Silvernail tweets about all things physiotherapy
  4. @erikmeira - Host of PT Inquest and representative of APTAs American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy
  5. @CorKinetic - Ben Cormack is a musculoskeletal therapist with a clinical background in sports therapy, rehabilitation, pain science & exercise.
  6. @nakedphysio - This is an account by Paul Lagerman from NZ who is a chronic pain physiotherapist and author of Naked Physio
  7. @ToddHargrove - Todd Hargrove is an author of 'Playing with Movement' and tweets about pain, exercise and movement
  8. @GetPT1st - A grassroots movement highlighting the many benefits of PT & when people should see a Physical Therapist 1st.
  9. @larsavemarie - A science-based personal trainer, writer, lecturer, teacher, and physiotherapist
  10. @ProfJillCook - Prof. Cook is a musculoskeletal researcher with main interests in connective tissue function, injury and healing.


  1. @peteOSullivanPT - Peter is a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Professor of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at Curtin University. He tweets regularly about pain and musculoskeletal conditions.
  2. @adamdobson123 - Adam Dobson tweets about spine and low back pain
  3. @KWernliPhysio - Kevin Wernli is a doctoral candidate researching low back pain
  4. @ChrisWorsfold1 - Chris Worsfold is a neck pain specialist and visiting lecturer at University of Hertfordshire
  5. @mercerphysio - Chris Mercer is a consultant MSK Physio with a keen interest in spinal red flags and masqueraders.


  1. @IASPain - International Association for the Study of Pain
  2. @britishpainsoc - British Pain Society
  3. @paininmotion - Pain in Motion is an international research group comprising of therapists studying the interactions between (chronic) pain and movement.
  4. @PainPhysiosCan - Pain Science Division of Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  5. @Painsci - Paul Ingraham has been a long time favourite for indepth articles on pain and debunking myths with scientific evidence
  6. @adiemusfree - Bronnie Lennox Thompson is a pain geek tweeting about all things pain


  1. @EUSSERBOARD - European Society of Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation
  2. @ASESmembers - American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons tweeting about research and education in shoulder and elbow dysfunction.
  3. @jeremylewisPT - Jeremy is a consultant physiotherapist and Professor of Musculoskeletal Research. He has a special interest in and tweets regularly about shoulder pain and function.
  4. @marcusbatemanPT - Marcus is a shoulder specialist consultant physiotherapist at the Orthopaedic Shoulder and Elbow Unit at Derby Royal Hospital.
  5. @ChrisLittlew00d - Chris Littlewood is a NIHR Senior Lecturer in Clinical Trials at Keele University. His special interest also lies in shoulder dysfunction.
  6. @Valjones2305Val - Val Jones is an upper limb physiotherapist with interest in shoulder and elbow function.
  7. @AnjuJaggi - Physiotherapy consultant, Deputy Director AHP R&D RNOHT with specialist interest in shoulder dysfunction.
  8. @EBTC_Eoin - Director & Physiotherapist: EBTC with special interest and training program in shoulder
  9. @ShoulderDocUK - London shoulder surgeon. Visiting Professor of Sports Science, University of Greenwich tweeting about all things shoulder.
  10. @Back_in_Action - Dr Ian Horsley is the NWl Lead Physio @ English Institute of Sport. Owner of Back in Action Rehabilitation- Wakefield. He has special interest in and tweets about shoulder dysfunction.
  11. @ShoulderGeek1 - Jo Gibson is an eminent shoulder rehabilitation specialist
  12. @AndrewVCuff - Andrew Cuff is a developing consultant physiotherapist with an interest in upper limb disorders and red flags.

If there are others who you follow and feel others would benefit from, please feel free to share the links to their profile in the comments below.

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