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Role of physiotherapy in cardiovascular disease prevention

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels and include coronary artery...

Category: Professional

Utilising Functional Pain Scales in Physiotherapy Clinical Practice

As pain alleviation is one of the principal therapeutic outcomes for musculoskeletal physiotherapists, it is...

Category: Clinical

Social Support – the key to rehabilitation adherence

Rehabilitation adherence is an outcome of a complex interaction of physical, social, therapeutic and psychological...

Category: Clinical

Mulligan Concept MWM's: A critical review of basic principles

The Mulligan Concept is one of the commonly used manual therapy techniques in management of musculoskeletal...

Category: Clinical

Do they trust you enough? The role of therapeutic relationship in rehabilitation adherence

Poor rehabilitation adherence may lead to sub-optimal treatment outcomes, reduced clinic efficiency and increased cost...

Category: Clinical

Understanding research philosophy – A primer

In the previous articles of the research series, I delved into the issues of choosing a research topic, formulating...

Category: Research

RCT's, surveys, interviews, focus groups - Decision making in choosing a research design

There is a body of literature about research designs which focus on the methods to be used, nuances, traditions,...

Category: Research

Undertaking and presenting a literature review

In the Getting started with research, I discussed means of getting started in research, choosing a research area and...

Category: Research

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